Stormwater Management Training & Education

The County hopes to be able to help organize training and education opportunities for members of the development community (contractors, designers, engineers, septic installers, etc.) in the coming months.

Element #12 (Manage the Project) of Minimum Requirement #2

Element #12 (Manage the Project) of Minimum Requirement #2, which covers the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan required for most projects, mandates that a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control be on-site or on-call at all times during the construction period. Certification may be through the Construction Site Erosion and Sediment Control Certification Program offered by the Washington Department of Transportation/Associated General Contractors of Washington-Education Foundation, or any equivalent local or national certification and/or training program (Manual, pages 3-15).

Visit these sites for more information on the certification training:
  • Associated General Contractors of Washington
  • Northwest Laborers-Employers Training Program

New Strategies for Stormwater Management

Additionally, the Washington Organic Recycling Council is coordinating workshops on soil amendment entitled, "New Strategies for Stormwater Management: Implementing the Post-Construction Soil Quality and Depth BMPs."

The University of Washington put on a short course April 9 and 10, 2003 on "How to Improve Stormwater Management Using Low Impact Development (LID) Principles and Practices." This new course is oriented toward stormwater engineers, planners, and members of the development community who are interested in learning more about low impact development. Emphasis will be on site design and individual practices. There may be similar opportunities in the future.

Check the Ecology Stormwater Management website periodically for training opportunities.