Brinnon Subarea Plan

The County adopted the Brinnon Subarea Plan in 2002 and amendments to the Plan in 2004. The Brinnon Subarea Plan contains narrative, goals and policies reference a conceptual MPR at Black Point.
  • Brinnon Subarea Plan webpage: background, timeline and documents
  • Brinnon Subarea Plan (PDF): Black Point discussion between pages 43 and 48
  • Maps from Brinnon Subarea Plan and subarea planning process

Black Point Maps

  • Figure BR-10 (PDF): Black Point - 2001 Land Use
  • Figure BR-11 (PDF): Conceptual Master Planned Resort
  • Water (PDF): Environmentally Sensitive Areas Streams, Wetlands, Frequently Flooded Areas, and Susceptible Aquifer Recharge Areas
  • Geology (PDF): Environmentally Sensitive Areas - Landslide, Erosion, and Seismic Hazards
  • Habitat (PDF): Environmentally Sensitive Areas - Fish and Wildlife Habitat