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Harold, a volunteer at the Tri-Area Community Center, & Majorie Mougel, a recentTransition Student.   Photo by Anna Mc Enery

Within the State of Washington the Developmental Disabilities Adminstration (DDA) determines eligibility for services. A determination of eligibility is a determination that a person meets the definition of a developmental disability as defined by State law. An individual must meet the eligibility definition to become a DDA client.
What is a developmental disability as defined by law?

Under the Revised Code of Washington , RCW 71A.10.020 the definition in law of a developmental disability is a disability attributed to: 

  • Intellectual disability;
  • Cerebral Palsy;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Autism; or

Another neurological or other condition closely related to intellectual disability or that requires treatment similar to that required for individuals with intellectual disabilities

  • The condition originates before the individual reaches the age of 18; 
  • The condition is expected to continue indefinitely; and 
  • The condition results in substantial limitations to an individual's intellectual and/or adaptive functioning


To apply for a determination of DDA eligibility, you can click on this link,  where you will find detailed instructions and the forms you need in the Eligibility Application Packet. Or, you can contact your local DDA office at 1-800-248-0949 and ask for an application. If you call for an application, some information will be taken over the phone.

The application, additional information and forms will be mailed to you for completion and/or signature. You will be asked to provide any available school or medical records or sources of information that will assist in determining eligibility. Copies of other documents may be required. Upon request, DDa staff can assist you with completing the application. Please be aware that eligibility cannot be determined until DDA receives your signed application and all of the necessary information.

For accessing Birth to 3 Services in Jefferson County, please see the Birth to 3 Services tab on this website.

Eligible Conditions Specific to Age (WAC388-823-0800)

Eligible Conditions 0-5 6-9 10-17 18+
Developmental Delays  X  X    
Down Synddrome  X  X    
Too severe to be assessed  X  X    
Medically Intensive Children's Program  X  X   X  
Intellectual Disability (ID)    X   X   X
Cerebral Palsy    X   X   X
Epilepsy    X   X   X
Autism    X   X   X
Another Neurological Condition    X   X   X
Other condition similar to ID    X   X   X











Top photo: 
Harold, a volunteer at the Tri-Area
Community Center, & Majorie Mougel,
a recentTransition Student.  
Photo by Anna Mc Enery

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