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How We Work


Clean Water District

Jefferson County established a Clean Water District (see map) to protect surface water quality and shellfish resources in 2007 through Jefferson County Code Chapter 8.65. Work in the District is guided by the Clean Water District Advisory Council, which was set up in 2011 by the Board of County Commissioners. The council assists with Jefferson County’s long range approach to achieving and sustaining clean surface water. Primary goals are the creation of a Water Quality Improvement Plan for East Jefferson County, evaluation of program effectiveness, and long-term funding solutions.  Visit the Clean Water District page for more details.

Water Quality Monitoring

Jefferson County's Clean Water Projects provide regular monitoring of bays, streams and rivers to assure they are not contaminated with non-point source pollution. Much of our monitoring efforts focus on fecal coliform bacteria, nutrient pollution and toxic algae. Data collected through these projects are analyzed and long-term trends are assessed. Water Quality data collected by the Division is available upon request (link to info request). For more information see our Water Quality Clean Water Projects page.


Pollution Identification & Correction (PIC)

Once problem areas are identified we try to determine the sources of contamination and correct these on our Pollution Identification & Correction Program (PIC) program using standard procedures for doing our PIC work, as outlined in the PIC Protocol Manual. The PIC process is nationally recognized for being innovative and effective for addressing water quality problems. For more information go to our Water Quality Clean Water Projects page.


Spills and Complaints

We respond to and investigate water quality complaints from the public and assess and ensure sewage spills or leaks from publically-owned sewer systems are cleaned up according to our sanitary codes. If necessary, we will post warnings at affected areas, on our website and inform local media. Complaints can be kept confidential and the public is encourage to contact us at (360) 385-9444 to inform us of water quality concerns.

Water Quality News, Events, Documents & Data

The Water Quality Divisions issues regular clean water advisories, minutes from the Clean Water District Council meetings, bi-yearly newsletter and other educational and awareness-raising information for County Residents.

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