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WIC helps Jefferson County Families Make Ends Meet

January 30, 2017

Karen Obermeyer

WIC helps Jefferson County Families Make Ends Meet



Port Townsend, WA,  January 30, 2017 – As food costs and economic challenges mount, many young families turn to the Jefferson County Public Health - Women, Infants and Children (WIC) supplementary food program to help them close the gaps in a family food budget.

Jefferson County WIC  helps pregnant women, new mothers, infants and children to the age of 5 to eat well and stay healthy by providing healthy foods. You can get the right personalized support for you and your family from the WIC team.

“WIC offers healthy food, helpful ideas and solutions for feeding your young ones.” said Kathy Anderson, WIC Registered Dietitian.  The program provides organic fruits/vegetables, whole grain bread, breakfast cereals, milk, cheese, eggs, juice, baby foods and infant formula. The WIC food package can add $50-$100, per eligible family member, to your monthly budget. The program highly encourages and supports breastfeeding, with additional food for breastfeeding mothers.

Since 2000, the Jefferson County median household income of $46,651 has been at least $10,000 below the median for Washington State households, according to the 2014 Community Health Assessment. Lower incomes and higher cost of living here make it challenging for young families to make ends meet. A family of 4 with an income of $44,955 or less would qualify for WIC. Women, Infants and children that participate in Apple Health are income eligible for WIC.

“I have always loved all the health department, WIC nurses and staff and always been satisfied with the level of service and care provided” said Dusty, a mom who uses WIC.

Whether you are a parent staying home with a newborn, or someone working to meet the needs of your young family, WIC is here for you during this brief time when your kids are young. WIC also serves families with eligible foster kids and grandparents caring for their young grandchildren.

For more information or to enroll for WIC, call 360-385-9400 to schedule an appointment at either the Port Townsend, Chimacum, or Quilcene clinic. For more information on programs or services provided by Jefferson County Public visit their website.


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