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CORRECTION - Kilisut Harbor, Mystery Bay Beaches Re-Open to the Recreational Harvest of All Shellfish Except Butter and Varnish Clams

Jefferson County Public Health is issuing a correction to its press release dated July 17, 2014. Although the shellfish biotoxin closure for Kilisut Harbor and Mystery Bay has been lifted, Mystery Bay State Park – the only public tideland in the area – remains closed to all recreational clam and oyster harvest, per Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations (Washington Administrative Code 220-56-380).


Port Townsend Paper, County, and Ecology Reach Agreement on Landfill

As a result of mediation proceedings, Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH), Ecology, and the Port Townsend Paper Corporation (PTPC) have reached agreement in which PTPC will:

  • Operate its disposal site as a permitted Limited Purpose Landfill
  • Install two new groundwater monitoring wells
  • Submit an updated Closure Plan and Closure /Post Closure Cost Estimates
  • Provide Financial Assurance for closure and post closure maintenance and monitoring of the landfill


Sewage Spill at Port Ludlow Bay

Olympic Water and Sewer officials reported a sewage spill at the Port Ludlow Wastewater Treatment Plant on Tuesday, June 24, due to a mechanical failure. Jefferson County Public Health has issued a “No Contact” Health Advisory for Port Ludlow Bay and posted warning signs. Lab results indicated high levels of bacteria at the outfall.  Repairs were made and the problem corrected Tuesday morning.


Kilisut Harbor, Mystery Bay Beaches Closed

Marine biotoxins that cause Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning (DSP) have been detected at concentrations above the closure level in shellfish samples collected from Mystery Bay. As a result, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has closed Kilisut Harbor and Mystery Bay beaches to recreational shellfish harvest.


Jefferson County Employees Participate in Bike Commute Challenge

The Adobe Commute Challenge is a friendly competition to see who can get more people biking to work during the month of May. Twenty-three Jefferson County employees rose to the Bike Commute Challenge led by Jerry Mingo of Jefferson Co. Public Works.


2013 Outstanding Achievement Awards

26 Jefferson County Food Establishments Demonstrate Commitment to
Achieving the Highest Food Safety Standards in 2013

The 2013 Outstanding Achievement Awards were presented at the May 15, 2014 Jefferson County Board of Health meeting to recognize 26 restaurants, full service food establishments and their proprietors who demonstrated the highest standards for safe food handling during the past year.


Healthy Kids, Healthy Families

Chimacum Prevention Coalition (CPC) announces a free training on “Recognizing Marijuana Use” and “Local Strategies to Support a Healthy Community,” on Tuesday May 27, 2014, from 4:00 – 6:30 PM at the Chimacum High School Library. 


USGS Presentation: Chimacum Groundwater Model Final Report


USGS Presentation - Chimacum Groundwater Model Final Report


Anderson Lake Closed Due to Toxin

May 9, 2014 - Port Townsend - High levels of the potent nerve toxin anatoxin-a were detected in water samples taken from Anderson Lake on Monday, May 5. The toxin level climbed to 990 micrograms per liter, almost 1,000 times higher than the Washington State recreational criteria.


Lake Monitoring Season Begins

Jefferson County Public Health has resumed lake monitoring for toxic bluegreen algae. The first water samples were taken Monday, April 14 from Anderson, Gibbs and Leland lakes and additional samples were taken Monday, April 21. The samples were sent to King County Environmental Labs to be analyzed for the toxins anatoxin-a and microcystin. Anatoxin-a was detected in Anderson Lake at 0.3 micrograms per liter, which is below the state recreational guideline of 1 microgram per liter. This is up slightly from last week’s results of 0.09 micrograms per liter.


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