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Water FAQ's

There is a staff person available Monday through Thursday from 9am to 10 am to answer questions.

The Department of Ecology (DOE) has created a web site of the well logs submitted to the department from the driller. 


Check the local phone book, talk to neighbors, realtors and friends.

View the Homeowners Guide to Well Construction from the Department of Ecology.

Washington State Department of Ecology is responsible for water well construction through Water Well Construction Act (1971) Chapter 18.104 RCW. The links below will take you to the Washington State Legislature website.

The Jefferson County Health Department has entered into a contract with the Department of Ecology to inspect:

50% of all wells being drilled with specific attention to enforcement surface seals
90% of wells being decommissioned

Please review policy 96-02 item III page two for more information on how Jefferson County is involved. These inspections are conducted through the completed Application for Inspection of Well Construction, Reconstruction or Decommissioning.

Download an Application

View the Department of Ecology's brochure: Home Owner's Guide to Well Construction.

If your building permit requires proof of potable water, you will need to meet the requirements for both the quantity and quality of the water your well produces.

The well water must be tested for bacteria, nitrate, and chloride within the last thirty-six months. You can pick up water-sampling bottles and instructions from the Environmental Health office or from the PUD in Port Hadlock.

Wells need to produce at least 400 gallons per day or have a notice recorded to the property's title. To prove the well's output you can submit either:

You must know why you are testing, is it smell, taste, or illness? The most common test is a simple bacteriologic analysis. However, there are a number of other tests that can be run.

View the EPA safewater faq's for more information.

View the brochure on "Treatment of Drinking Water for Emergency Use" under the category "Storing Drinking Water for Emergencies"

If you have further questions please feel free to contact the Jefferson County Environmental Health Department @ 360-385-9444.

An individual well must be 100 feet from the drainfield and reserve area and 50 feet from the septic tank pump tank and building sewer.

See copy of Minimum Standards for Construction and Maintenance of Wells, Chapter 173-160 WAC 

See the DOH requirements — Public wells have met requirements per Department of Health


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