Homeowner Authorization for Septic Inspections

This program provides information about septic system operation, maintenance, and inspection and makes it easier for homeowners to complete most monitoring inspections at a reasonable cost. The training courses for the program are offered free of charge.

Septic DIY

The Septic DIY website is the hub for the Homeowner Inspection program. To verify your eligibility and register, take the online training courses, or to log an inspection report, go to the Septic DIY page.


Homeowner Inspector Authorization Requirements 

If you own a septic system in Jefferson County, you can inspect your own septic system if all of the following criteria are met:

Your septic system is one of these:

  • conventional gravity
  • pressure distribution
  • mound
  • sand filter

Other system types such as aerobic treatment units, biofilters, drip irrigation and all systems with proprietary devices are ineligible for homeowner inspections and must be evaluated by a professional at the frequency required in state code.

  • The septic system is a residential system serving a single-family residence or duplex on property you own.
  • There is an adequate record of the systems location on file at Jefferson County Environmental Health.
    • If the County has no record of a septic system on your parcel you will need to work with a certified operations and monitoring specialist or licensed designer to create a system location site plan for the property. The site plan must show the septic system components such as the septic tank and general drain field area along with the well (if applicable), house, garage, sheds and other outbuildings, driveways and the adjacent roadway. Click to view a sample site plan and a blank site plan.
    • If the records we have are inadequate we will ask you to contact the Environmental Health office, and together we will try to determine if there is enough documented information about your system. If there is not enough information to determine your system type and where its components are located you will be required to submit a system location site plan developed by a certified/licensed professional before your system will be eligible for you to inspect it.
    • After submittal of the system location site plan, you may qualify to inspect your own septic system if you meet the other criteria.
  • You successfully complete a County-approved septic system training and certification program and pay the current homeowner authorization fee. 

 Steps for Authorization


1. Determine if your system is eligible for homeowner inspection 

Verify your eligibility and register for online training through Septic DIY. 

OR review the detailed eligibility requirements above 

2. Complete the homeowner inspection training

If you registered online in Step 1, log in to Septic DIY and complete the online training. You will watch the Septics 101 and 201 training videos and take the quizzes.

OR register for an in-person training. View the class schedule to see when in person classes are offered.

3. Read and acknowledge the authorized homeowner application and pay the authorization fee. See the fee schedule for the current authorization fee amount.

If you are instructed to do so by Environmental Health staff, use the following links to take the homeowner inspection quizzes: Quiz 101 and Quiz 201