About the ACAC

Our Mission

The Accessible Community Advisory Committee (ACAC) is committed to improving accessibility, raising awareness and acceptance of people with disabilities in Jefferson County, WA through education and barrier removal.

What We Do

The ACAC works with Jefferson County Public Health to:

  • Identify, advocate and execute grant-funded projects that improve accessibility for people with disabilities within Jefferson County
  • Provide education related to accessibility issues.
  • Provide informational materials related to accessibility

Recent Press Releases

ACAC Calendar 

Relationship to Jefferson County Public Health

The Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners will sign the letter of assurance and approve the list of current Jefferson County ACAC members for the Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment, (when requested).

Public Health will do the following:

  • Be the fiscal agent for ACAC funding.
  • Provide oversight & work with ACAC Grant recipients.
  • Staff the ACAC meetings.
  • Work with the Executive Sub-Committee to produce the agenda for upcoming ACAC meetings and specific projects on an as needed basis