2018 Projects

For the first time, a project on Marrowstone Island received a conservation futures award. The project, called Marrowtone Mize, will purchase a conservation easement on just over 35 acres of undeveloped rural residential land in nine parcels, using up to $45,000. The property is located about one mile south of Fort Flagler State Park. The matching amount is a partial donation of the property’s value by the current owner. Jefferson County sponsored this project as well as the other three projects that received funding this year.

Chimacum Forest (Short’s Forest) received $140,000 towards the fee simple acquisition of two parcels totaling 65 acres of rural residential and rural forest lands with mature, mixed species forest on the east side of Center Valley as a component of the large Chimacum Ridge community forest project. The proposed match, $1,952,000, reflects the value of standing timber on the site and will include funding from the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Navy REPI Program, and private contributions.

The Ruby Ranch Preservation Project will use up to $60,000 towards the purchase of a conservation easement on approximately sixty acres in two parcels bordering the east fork of Chimacum Creek in Beaver Valley about three miles south of Chimacum for agriculture and as a wildlife corridor. A matching contribution of $90,000 is to be provided by the U.S. Navy REPI Program.