Cost Share Program for Septic System Repair

The Septic Cost Share Program is run by Jefferson County Public Health and is funded by a grant with the Washington State Department of Health. It pays a percentage of the cost to repair or replace septic systems for property owners of a single-family home. Please read this brochure for more information.

1. Review the list below to decide if you qualify.

2. Complete the application form and return to JCPH.

3. JCPH staff will call you regarding your application and how to move forward.

Septic Cost Share Social Media Post

Example: For a two person household with an annual income of $34,300, Jefferson County can pay up to $30,000 towards the cost of design and installation of a septic system. Please inquire if your household is larger than 6 people.


  • Must be in Jefferson County 
  • Must have NO access to septic or sewer OR
  • Must have any existing septic systems inspected by a professional 
  • Must be owner-occupied and not for sale


  • This program is only for repairs that cost more than $5,000. Please contact us for help locating funding for lower-cost repairs.  
  • People with a conflict of interest, i.e. those who work for Jefferson County Public Health in the Septic Cost Share program or for a septic designer or installer involved in said project will not be eligible.  
  • Households with an annual income above 80% of Jefferson County median income will not be eligible.
  • Properties that are listed for sale are not eligible.
  • Properties with past-due property taxes and/or assessments are not eligible.

If you have questions about whether or not you are eligible or how to move forward please contact Amanda Christofferson at 360-385-9444, extension 406.