Hoh River Resiliency Plan

Hoh River Valley Resiliency PICNIC & POTLUCK

Saturday, June 25, 2022 Noon - 3pm
Jefferson County Public Works Maintenance Shop Equipment Shed
5632 Upper Hoh Road

See the River:
Middle Hoh River Float Images: October 2, 2020

DRAFT RESILIENCY PLAN (next revision will be available in early July)
Appendix A
Appendix C
Map 1 - Project Reach
Map 2 - Geology
Map 3 - Landslide and Slope Stability
Map 4 - CMZ
Map 5 - Riparian Forests
Map 6 - Existing Conditions Hydraulic Model Results
Map 7 - Aquatic HabitatMap 
8 Invasive Species Distribution & DensitiesMap 
9 - Resiliency Corridor

10KYI_Brandeberry Lots_Island_20210413 (10)

The following designs indicate the magnitude of loss of natural log jams, "hard points", from the river system since historic times due to the disruption of the "large wood cycle". 

For community discussion purposes only. Not construction design documents.
Brandeberry - Lewis Planning Area
Fletcher - TNC Planning Area
Upper Lindner Complex Planning Area
Middle Lindner Complex Planning Area
Lower Lindner Complex Planning Area

Steering Committee Meeting Agendas

Steering Committee Meeting Summaries