Your Additional Benefits with PPA

Get Rewarded and Recognized for a Sustainable Business

We want to ensure the time and effort businesses commit to environmentally sound practices are recognized. Below are the additional benefits your business can receive for your achievement.

Access FREE Equipment 
Qualified businesses can receive certain waste management equipment at no charge (see list below). Make handling and storing waste easy by contacting Jefferson County Pollution Prevention Specialists for these free resources.

  • Labels for hazardous and dangerous waste
  • Drum covers                                                                  PPA2 
  • Spill kits
    • To qualify:
    • Complete and submit your business’ Spill Plan or
    • call (360) 385-9444,
    • Agree to a short site visit by your local Pollution Prevention Specialist, and
    • Post Emergency Number Form by your work phones
  • Spill containment pallets and locking funnelsPPA3 
    • To qualify:
    • Complete and submit a Hazardous Materials Plan [link]