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Pollution Prevention Assistance (PPA)

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Dangerous Waste Guidance

It is your responsibility to know whether you have dangerous waste, how much, and the relevant rules and processes. The information below pertains to businesses that are considered small quantity generators that qualify for Pollution Prevention Assistance (PPA).

Dangerous Waste Basics

Qualifications to Receive PPA – Small Quantity Generators

Not a small quantity generator? 

Find more information on dangerous waste management—like designation, technical assistance, regulations, and more—at Department of Ecology.

Helpful Information – Spills, Safer Chemicals, and More

Shop Guide for Dangerous Waste Management (PDF)

A helpful guide on the management of common hazardous shop wastes to protect the health of the workplace, employees, and local community.

Spill Prevention and Response

Hazardous Materials and Response

Consider Safer Chemical Alternatives

Why consider a chemical alternative?

We all play a role in protecting our families’ health, the environment, and ourselves. Choosing safer chemical ingredients and products—for both work and daily living—help provide healthier life choices. There are currently thousands of safe alternatives available, without sacrificing quality or performance.

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