Pollution Identification & Correction

Pollution Identification and Correction (PIC) is a methodology for finding and addressing bacteria sources that threaten human health in areas where people harvest shellfish and enjoy other forms of water recreation. Jefferson County began using a PIC process in 2007, and refined it through participation in the Hood Canal Regional PIC project that brought together the three counties that surround Hood Canal along with other stakeholders.

Once water quality monitoring identifies the presence of non-point source pollution, JCPH staff use PIC to better identify the location and possible sources of the pollution. Staff use a variety of methods to contact residents in the affected areas, to educate about the problem, and to look for sources that can be corrected, such as failing septic systems and improperly handled animal waste. Corrections are primarily achieved through education and voluntary compliance. The adaptive management methodology used by PIC programs links identification of pollution sources through monitoring and investigation with corrective actions.