Site Development Review and Legal Lot of Record Determination 

The Board of County Commissioners adopted Ordinance 09-1003-22 on October 3, 2022 (3 MB PDF, 34 pages).

Beginning on October 4, 2022, Jefferson County requires submittal of a Site Development Review (SDR) application to DCD prior to development permit applications that propose construction or other land-disturbing activity. Customers ready to develop property should be prepared to complete the SDR application as their first step.

The SDR Buildability Analysis will identify site conditions like critical areas, road setbacks, and permitting requirements for the lot. As part of SDR, DCD includes a Legal Lot of Record (LLOR) Determination process for the subject lot or lots. LLOR Determination is way to assure that a lot has been properly created under state subdivision law, able to be conveyed, and eligible for development. 

Note: During the transition period from October 4, 2022 to October 28, 2023, DCD, Environmental Public Health (EPH), and Department of Public Works (DPW) will accept building permits, septic permits, and road approach permits, respectively, once an associated SDR permit has been submitted. The departments will review these permit applications concurrently. 

Start the SDR process by submitting a standard Permit Application along with the SDR Supplemental Applications for Buildability Analysis and LLOR Determination. You can access the permit applications here:

If you are ready to apply now, please submit the three (3) application forms with a project description of "Site Development Review" to , and staff will contact you to confirm receipt and indicate next steps. 

Click here for an FAQ on the SDR-LLOR Determination Process: SDR-LLOR FAQ (updated 01/18/2023)

Click here for a Sankey flow diagram that depicts SDR-LLOR Determination Process: flowchart.jpeg

Click here to visit the GIS-based StoryMap, which provides background information on historic plats in Jefferson County and the basis for drafting regulations to address legal lots of record: 

Information about recorded plats:

How do I identify if my property is in a plat?
Pre-1971 Plats
All Plats


Development moratorium and legislative process for new regulations:

The Site Development Review (SDR) and associated Legal Lot of Record (LLOR) Determination process is part of the October 3, 2022 ordinance that replaced a 2021 emergency ordinance. The 2021 emergency control implemented county-wide restrictions on development of pre-September 7, 1971 subdivisions. The moratorium expired on October 4, 2022.

On August 24, 2022, a notice of public hearing, notice of intent to amend the Unified Development Code (UDC), and notice of SEPA/GMA integrated review was published. A staff report for the proposed UDC amendments details findings of compatibility with the Comprehensive Plan and other applicable state and local regulations.

Click this link to access information about the legislative process during the 2021-2022 development moratorium that resulted in regulatory changes.

Why enact this moratorium?

December 20, 2021 Presentation and Update on Lot of Record

On December 20, 2021, Ordinance No. 09 1210 21 amended Ordinance No. 05 1004 21 Relating to Land Use and Building Regulations and Declaring an Emergency; Establishing a Moratorium on Acceptance and Processing of Applications that Require Recognition of Legal Lots of Record and Plats in Existence Prior to September 7, 1971 for the Purpose of Further Development. The amendment provided additional exemptions to the moratorium.