2025 Periodic Update

Jefferson County is required by the Growth Management Act (GMA) at RCW 36.70A.130 to "take legislative action to review and, if needed, revise its comprehensive land use plan and development regulations to ensure the plan and regulations comply with the requirements of this chapter." The deadline for completing this "2025 Periodic Update" is June 30, 2025.


The Board of County Commissioners has reconvened the Growth Management Steering Committee (GMSC) through Resolution No. 09-24. The first meeting of the GMSC is scheduled for March 5, 6:00-8:00 PM. It will be a hybrid in-person/virtual meeting. The physical location is the Operations Center Conference Room of Jefferson County Public Utility District No. 1, 310 Four Corners Rd, Chimacum, WA. To attend via Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88918580984 ; Phone: 1-253-215-8782; Webinar ID: 889 1858 0984


Jefferson County is seeking consultant services for the 2025 Periodic Update.

Pre-Submittal Zoom Meeting

Request for Proposals FAQ

Q: Can you explain further the optional Tribal Element? (question during Zoom meeting [time mark on Zoom 06:40-08:03])

 A: The VI Tribal Element of the RFP is an optional scope of work to add a complete element chapter to the Comprehensive Plan during this Periodic update of 2025. Based on HB 1717 implementation of Tribal elements will be considered throughout the periodic plan update. Creation of a significant element chapter is an option that Jefferson County is open to if the criteria and information gathered during the review shows substantial need for a separate element.    

Q: Urban growth Areas (UGA's) for the population allocation and housing needs of those areas; will they require working with the City of Port Townsend? (question during Zoom meeting [time mark on Zoom 08:17-09:14])

 A: It is anticipated that some collaboration will be necessary to fulfil the evaluation process and updates of the UGA area with the City of Port Townsend. 

Q: This RFP states the due date as Friday, February 29th, but Friday is actually March 1st. Can you please clarify? (Otak)

 A: RFP Is due Thursday February 29, 2024 @12:00pm (NOON)

Q: Do you anticipate there being any information shared during that zoom call which could end up affecting our submittal?

A: We do not anticipate there to be any additional information that would be shared at that time that could affect the final outcome of your proposal. It was really just intended for last-minute questions that have not been answered over the last week and to explain a little further, what will happen after the selection process.

Q: Can you clarify the requirements for the Resume section (item VII on page 4). Is it three reference projects per resume, or three total reference projects for the team? (BERK)

A: Please provide three total reference projects for the team.

Q: We’re reviewing this RFP and are very interested in the work. It’d be helpful to know the budget and/or grant awards anticipated to be used for this work.  (BERK)

A: The Washington State Department of Commerce (Commerce) administers multiple grant programs associated with GMA-mandated Periodic Update requirements for local governments.  Jefferson County (JC) has been allocated funds through two of those grant programs and has been awarded funds through a third. The following table contains the respective and total grant amounts, along with notes about how and when those funds need to be expended. JC will use grant funds for consultant costs, as well as staff time and expenses. The percentage of these funds that will go to each of those categories depends on multiple factors, including responses to this RFP. Any contacts offered through this RFP process will include appropriate scope, schedule, and budget parameters.

Grant Funds:
Periodic Update Grant$350,000($175,000 each state fiscal year, 2023-2025)
Middle Housing Grant$50,000($25,000 each state fiscal. Year, 2023-2025)
Climate Planning Grant$300,000(deliverable-based, state biennium 2023-2025)

Public Participation

Jefferson County intends to implement a robust public participation plan for the 2025 Periodic Update. The Planning Commission, as with annual amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and development regulations, plays a key role in the process, including holding public hearings and providing a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. See the Planning Commission page for meeting schedules, agendas, minutes, and more.