Civil Cases

Filing a Claim

You may file a claim for damages in any amount up to $75,000 in the District Court. Claims over that amount must be filed in the Superior Court. Civil filing fees are:
  • $83 - Summons and Complaint
  • $12 - Writ of Garnishment
  • $20 - Supplemental Proceeding
Civil motions are heard on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. Civil trials require a special setting by the court staff.

If you are a party in a civil case, be advised that the clerks are prohibited by law from giving you legal advice on how to proceed. Most civil matters require the expertise of a qualified attorney. It is recommended you retain an attorney to assist you with civil suits. You are not entitled to have an attorney appointed to represent you in civil matters. If you cannot afford an attorney, there is an agency in the Seattle area known as CLEAR. This agency will provide you with free legal advice. Their toll free number is 888-201-1014.