Prosecutor Domestic Violence Services

Priority Prosecutions

We consider the charging and aggressive prosecution of those adult and juvenile offenders in our community who commit sexually motivated or domestic violence criminal acts to be one of the most important criminal justice priorities. This includes any type of criminal offense involving sexual or domestic violence assault against an adult or child.

We provide specialized prosecution for this area of crime for adult and juvenile courts to focus additional resources on certain violent cases classified as a:

Services Provided

The Dove House Advocacy Services provides counseling to victims of domestic violence in Jefferson County.  This counseling is intended to discuss options for providing assistance to the victim, and to create a plan for meeting the long-term needs of the victim and any children of the parties.

Additional domestic violence services are provided by the District Court Probation Department staff who interviews an alleged domestic violence offender after arrest, but prior to arraignment in court, to provide the arraignment judge and prosecutor with a "Bail Study." By setting bail conditions based on a thorough study of the defendant's history, patterns of violence and chemical dependency, the bail study is one tool used toward the goal that no further harm will occur to the victim, any children of the parties, or any witness.

Both programs have been successful in reducing repeat incidents of violence during the pendency of a case.