Transportation & Engineering


Public Works manages 399 center line miles of County roadway and a 7.3-mile multi-use path called the Larry Scott Memorial Trail. Duties include:
  • Compiling and interpreting speed and crash data
  • Designing and managing construction projects
  • Maintaining County roads
  • Managing the public right-of-way
  • Planning for future road and active transportation improvements
  • Responding to road wash-outs and related emergencies
For a list of Jefferson County roads please see either the East Jefferson County Road Log (PDF) or West Jefferson County Road Log (PDF).
Please note that not not all public right-of-ways are County roads, nor are all roads included in these road logs maintained by Jefferson County.  The first letter in our road numbering convention reflects the status, i.e. (C) County Road, (M) City Street, (P) Private Road.