Transition Services

In February of 2007, the Jefferson County Developmental Disabilities Program brought together many partners to discuss low employment outcomes for Jefferson County students with disabilities. During the initial meeting it became apparent there were few opportunities for students to learn job skills at school and to have real work experiences in the community for future vocational planning. So, the Jefferson County Developmental Disabilities Program established a local Transition Network group.
Susan Prince, Transition Coordinator, Jacob Brown, transition student, and Jean Holtz, Animal Rescue
The Jefferson County Transition Network is made up of High School District personnel, employment providers, County Developmental Disabilities, Division of Developmental Disabilities and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Work Source, parent organizations, parents, and other interested community members. Other Partners we have invited and would like to see as regular participants are students, employers, Work Source Center, community colleges, self-advocacy groups, employers, transportation, training and technical assistance providers or other partners vital to the community's collaborative effort to secure jobs for young adults with developmental disabilities.

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Mission of the Transition Network

We will develop opportunities through community collaboration that support the transition of youth into becoming active participants in their community.

The mission statement of the Transition Network reflects the belief that we owe it to our community to see students with learning disabilities as the successful, productive, working neighbors that they are; and we owe it to the students to see themselves as contributing members to a community that also belongs to them.

Service/Program Overview

View the Jefferson County Transition Services Overview 2011 to 2019 for an overview of transition programs and services, collaboration and partnerships - accomplished goals and future goals.

Transition Network Meetings

Jefferson County Transition Network meetings are normally held the second Tuesday in February, April, June, August, October and December, from 3:45 to 5 p.m. at Jefferson County Public Health.

Transition Workshops