Grant Information & Records

EPA Grant Received (July 2010)

The U. S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded Jefferson County three years of federal grant funds to create the Watershed Stewardship Resource Center (WSRC). The WSRC concept includes a new customer service desk that will provide educational information, staff consultation, and permit application assistance to land owners, developers, builders, realtors and interested citizens alike. Proposed to be an optional "one stop shop," the watershed center will promote low impact development as a voluntary solution to stormwater management and environmental protection requirements (such as shorelines and critical areas). The program will help customers through the design and permitting phases of property development. Many community partner organizations will be involved. Read a descriptive memo along with the work plan and related materials online.

As the project gets up-and-running, more information will be made available online. Stay tuned and check this webpage often.

Project File (August 2010)

Documents in the public record are available via the Laserfiche WebLink under "Permits - Watershed Stewardship Resource Center". A few tips for accessing public records:
  • The "2970 Index" is a table of contents with the title and description of each document in numerical order by file number.
  • The Index is updated each time new documents are added to the record - so view the list with the most current date.
  • Documents are listed in Laserfiche by date, with files named by date "yyyy_ddmm" and file number "2970-xxxx".
Note: New documents are frequently added to Laserfiche - check back often. Webpage date does not reflect public record date.