Permit Information

Building permit applications undergo consistency review to ensure compliance with the UDC, Comprehensive Plan, and state and federal laws. Some building permits involve associated land use applications, such as a Conditional Use Permit, Variance, or Shoreline Substantial Development Permit. The Permit Application (PDF) form is the standard building permit application. Supplemental information and forms required will be dependent on the type project. Refer to the list of forms linked to each building permit type below and check with a Permit Technician.

For information on the land use permit review process and types of land use permits, visit the Development Review Division page. For land use permit fees, information sheets, and land use application forms, visit the Building and Land Use Permits page.

To submit permitting documents electronically, please click here.


Fees are due at time of application. Consult with a Permit Technician for information on building permit fees. A land use permit fee schedule summary is available online as noted above.

For an estimate, please email us with the following information:

  • Cost of project
  • Square footage of project
    • Complete square footage, including upstairs if it is 2-story  
    • Garage
    • Porch (deck)
  • Your plans for septic and water

  • Any critical areas that might be on the property (If you provide the address or parcel # we can look that up for you).


Two sets of building plans are required at time of application except for propane tank / stove / fireplace permits. Building Plans do not need to be engineered but the structural calculations do need to have an engineers stamp.

Types of Building Permits

See the Permit Forms page to view and download permits from the Department of Community Development.

Note: Individual cases may vary. Please consult with a Permit Technician for assistance.