Unified Development Code (UDC)

View the UDC text, including the 2014 Shoreline Master Program (SMP) currently in effect. Effective January 16, 2002, the UDC is the set of development regulations that implement the 1998 Comprehensive Plan, as amended. The UDC provides the performance, use, and development standards by which DRD planners review land use applications.

Critical Areas

The UDC also contains Jefferson County's regulatory protections for "critical areas," such as critical aquifer recharge areas, geologically hazardous areas, wetlands and fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas.

Shoreline Management Act

The SMP implements the Shoreline Management Act in conjunction with the State Department of Ecology. For more information on shoreline management, visit the Shoreline Management and Planning page.

Land Use Permits

For more information about how the County development regulations work, read about permit types and review process below, consult the Land Use Permit Information Sheets, and visit the websites linked from the Web Links page.

UDC Amendments

Find information on the process for amending the UDC, as coordinated by Long-Range Planning.