Planning Issues

Under consideration at this time are three long-range planning items relative to the Port Ludlow MPR. These items are legislative matters that will be decided by the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC). For more information on County long-range planning in general, visit the Long Range Planning page.

Port Ludlow Drainage District

In April 2006, the Port Ludlow Drainage District (PLLD) proposed amendments to the language of the Unified Development Code, Title 18 Jefferson County Code (JCC), to incorporate guidelines from the Port Ludlow Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan (PLSMP) into the existing JCC Section 18.30. The Board of County Commissioners referred this application, under File Number MLA06-00211, to the Jefferson County Planning Commission for review and recommendation. This will be considered for a legislative decision at a later date after review by the Jefferson County Department of Public Works.
  • PLDD UDC Amendment Application 1.0 MB received April 28, 2006
The course covers the basics and legal framework of community planning in Washington state, with a focus on master planned resorts.