2005 Projects


In 2005, the use of Conservation Futures funds was approved towards the purchase of a 20-acre easement near Andersen Lake State Park and Tamanowas Rock on property owned by the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe. The conservation of the 20-acre parcel is Phase I of a multi-phase project to create a sanctuary for Tamanowas Rock. The project area and nearby forest is habitat for over 200 species of birds, including eagles, and a branch of the Sequim elk herd frequents the area.

Also in 2005, CF funds were approved for the purchase of a conservation easement on 47 acres on lower Tarboo Creek on Coyle Road. The area includes critical areas such as steep slopes, streams, and wetlands and is part of a long-term program to restore the Tarboo watershed. The proposed site adjoins an existing 160-acre critical habitat preserve along lower Tarboo Creek owned by WDFW and is less than one mile from the 220-acre Tarboo Wildlife Preserve. Jefferson Land Trust will be responsible for stewardship and monitoring of the easements. The Northwest Watershed Institute was the project applicant and will conduct long-term restoration of the properties.