Policy & Regulations

Jefferson County has refined its policies and regulations for protecting groundwater against seawater intrusion from adoption of the initial "critical areas" ordinance in 1995, through adoption of the Comprehensive Plan in 1998 and the Unified Development Code (UDC) in 2000, to a Growth Management Compliance process that was completed in early 2004.

For a chronological presentation of the process that lead to the current policies and regulations, refer to the Process and Document Archive section.


The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) adopted final policy language into the Comprehensive Plan on December 8, 2003 under case number MLA03-210. The policy includes provisions for adaptive management of areas subject to groundwater degradation from seawater intrusion. For more information on these legislative amendments, visit the 2003 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Cycle page.


Regulatory protections against seawater intrusion are codified at UDC sections 18.22.100-18.22.135 Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas. The code refers to a list of administrative water conservation measures, which are voluntary in most cases and mandatory in High Risk SIPZ.
  • Composite seawater intrusion regulations and administrative water conservation measures November 26, 2003