Pleasant Harbor Master Planned Resort (MPR)

This page contains information related to the Master Planned Resort (MPR) in the Pleasant Harbor/Black Point area of Brinnon in south Jefferson County.

June 5, 2018
The Board approved an Ordinance amending Jefferson County Code to provide for development regulations of the Pleasant Harbor Master Planned Resort. That Ordinance and the attached regulations can be view HERE.

The Board approved an Ordinance adopting a development agreement for the Pleasant Harbor MPR. The approved ordinance and the development agreement can be viewed HERE

April 9, 2018
The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners held a public hearing for the purposes of taking testimony on the proposed Pleasant Harbor Master Planned Resort (MPR) development agreement and proposed zoning regulations on Monday, April 9, 2018 at 6:00pm in the Jefferson County Superior Courtroom, 1820 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend. The public was provided a comment period from February 7, 20118 to April 13, 2018. A matrix of all comments received and report on staff responses  to comments is available for viewing HERE. To view each of the individual comments, click HERE.

Pleasant Harbor MPR Draft Development Agreement

The proposed Pleasant Harbor Master Planned Resort (MPR) development agreement is an agreement between the Pleasant Harbor MPR developer and Jefferson County on how the resort development and operation will proceed over the term of the agreement.  In 2008, when the County originally designated a master planned resort at this location in Brinnon, it passed Ordinance 01-0128-08, which has thirty specific conditions that development of the Pleasant Harbor MPR must meet. Much of the development agreement addresses how the resort will meet those 30 requirements. The development agreement includes 31 attachments, which detail how the developer will properly manage natural, wildlife and cultural resources, provide local economic opportunities, and support or provide services. Consultations with area tribes and with other local and state agencies helped refine many of the development agreement’s attached management plans. The consultation process with affected tribes continues.

The development agreement (made up of the agreement and thirty-one attachments), the staff report and proposed ordinance are available for public review HERE

Pleasant Harbor MPR Draft Development Regulations

In 2016, the Jefferson County Planning Commission recommended Pleasant Harbor MPR zoning regulations for consideration by the Board of County Commissioners. The Planning Commission’s 2016 recommended zoning regulations and its findings of fact, recommendations and conclusions, as well as a Planning Commission letter, are available for public review HERE.

The staff-proposed revisions to the Planning Commission’s zoning regulations for clarity and consistency with state and local regulations. The Board is considering adoption of Pleasant Harbor MPR Regulations in Summer 2018.

Tribal Consultations

The County has consulted with area tribes on tribal treaty rights and other topics of interest throughout the Pleasant Harbor MPR project history.  To see a matrix of tribal consultations and all corresponding documents, click HERE.

Background Information

For some of the history of this project, please visit our Background Materials page.

More Information

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January 2018 Pleasant Harbor Informational Briefing

Click HERE to see the slideshow from the Pleasant Harbor Informational Briefing as presented in January 2018.