Detention Services

Secure Detention

Youth who are booked for criminal offenses by law enforcement, or who are ordered to be held by a judge for pre-trial or post-trial reasons, may serve time in secure detention. Because Jefferson County's population is too small to require a secure detention facility, we contract with Kitsap County Juvenile Court to provide secure detention when necessary. During the course of a youth's stay in detention, they will lead a very structured and regimented lifestyle. Detainees are responsible for daily attendance at school, and for cleaning and laundry duties as necessary.

Proctor House

The Proctor House is a community based alternative juvenile detention facility. Runaway and at-risk youth, truants, and moderate/low-risk offender youth that are court ordered to serve time in detention may be eligible to serve their time in the Jefferson County Proctor House. Seated in Port Townsend, the Proctor House is a less restrictive detention facility that is staffed 24 hours a day. The Proctor House offers youth a chance to serve their time in an environment that promotes behavior modification, accountability, community safety and rehabilitation.

Proctor House residents are able to continue with their present school program, counselors, doctors and therapists. They are housed in their own community, with access to all available resources and have their families nearby. Working with these youth combines intervention programs for rehabilitation, ongoing probation for case management and monitoring, and the reality of detention to address accountability.