Vegetation Control

Vegetation along the right-of-way may inhibit visibility at certain intersections.  This may require drivers to reduce their speed accordingly when approaching or crossing intersections with limited visibility.  Public Works performs brush cutting, clearing and tree trimming services on roadways where line of sight issues have been identified and residents are encouraged to report vegetation that reduces visibility at a particular location.

Brush cutting is completed during the fall and winter using a tractor with a brush cutter attachment that extends to the backside of the ditch line.

Shoulder mowing is completed typically in the spring and summer with small tractors using a mowing attachment that doesn’t extend beyond the shoulder.  Manual trimming around guardrails and intersections is accomplished with hand held tools.

Tree Trimming consists of a bucket truck to reach higher limbs, a dump truck and wood chipper.  Generally this maintenance activity is performed during the fall and winter months.

 Jefferson County Public Works doesn’t perform vegetation spraying along county right-of-ways.

Report a Problem
​To report a problem with a county road, contact the appropriate shop using the contact information in the right-hand column or complete the online problem report by clicking here.

Wood Chip Delivery

To get on the wood chip list you need to fill out the Hold Harmless Agreement and return it to the Road Maintenance Office. It will then be reviewed by the office personnel and given to a road crew member to do a site inspection before getting added to the delivery list. 

Being on the wood chip list does not guarantee you will get any wood chips at any given time. 


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