This is a volunteer program for individuals or groups who would like clean trash off of a county road they have chosen. The county doesn't put stipulations on how often or when a clean-up event occurs, we understand weather and time dictates scheduling.  When a group wants to hold a clean-up event they contact this office to schedule and make arrangements to pick-up safety gear provided by the county.  Typically this is done by the group coordinator who also makes sure that all safety gear is used during the event, disposes of trash collected and returns safety gear and required group paperwork to the PW Department. 

A new group is asked to designate at least one group coordinator that would be the departments point of contact.  Coordinators would need to agree to a background check and complete the attached agreement.  As a coordinator they would schedule clean-up events with the department and make arrangements to pick-up safety gear such as signs, cones & vests and the county would also provide to the group trash bags and litter grabbers.  At the clean-up event the coordinator would be responsible for making sure that volunteers are wearing safety equipment and that signs are placed along the road for the traveling public.  While volunteering volunteers are covered under Labor & Industry laws requiring PW to file a report of those that participated and the hours worked, we ask the coordinator to return this sign-in sheet when the safety gear is returned to the department.  All trash collected is disposed of at the Jefferson County Landfill at no charge with a pass given to the group coordinator prior to the clean-up event.  

Unfortunately, we can not accommodate citizens who would like to collect trash on daily walks who would like to leave the trash along the road for pick-up, or be given permission to dump for free, but do not want to be part of an organized group. This would be a liability issue for the County since we have to report hours volunteered and monitor the amounts of trash being disposed of at the Landfill by clean up groups.

To create a group please fill out the forms listed below and return them to the address listed to the right of this page.