Road Signs

Public Road Signs

Jefferson County Works Road Maintenance Division is responsible for installing and maintaining street signs on public roads. All road signs are in compliance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and installed to be in compliance with roadside safety guidelines. The sign crew manufactures all of the road signs that are posted along the county roads. If there is a sign missing, damaged, vandalized or incorrect, we can put in a work order to have a new one made and replaced.

Sign Reporting

Notice a problem with a traffic sign? Please let Jefferson County know about it.
Information that is useful when reporting a sign problem; the type of sign (stop sign, speed sign, ect.), nearest intersection road names, direction of travel, what type of problem (sign is down in ditch, sign is missing, post is damaged, ect.) and contact information. 
Reporting a Problem
To report a problem with a county road, contact the appropriate shop using the contact information in the right-hand column or complete the online problem report by clicking here. 
If this is an after hours issue that needs to be immediately addressed, please report it to the Sheriff's Department at (360)344-9779 ext. 0. 

Private Road Name Signs

Jefferson County of Community Development assigns addresses and approves private road names. Where private roads intersect with County maintained roads the public can request a road name sign from the County. The County will fabricate and install for an established fee. Contact us at (360)385-0890 to order a private road sign or to see if pricing has changed. 

Prices for 2016/2017*

Sign Fabrication & Installation Single Sided- $193.00
Sign Fabrication & Installation Double Sided- $245.00
Sign Fabrication & Bracket (no installation)- $86.00
*price schedule to change beginning of new year
For private roads intersecting with State Highways, contact the Washington State DOT at 360-565-0680.

Non-County Signs and Notices

Signs or notices for political uses, advertising yard sales, real estate and other community events often serve a useful purpose, but they can contribute to the litter problem and can create a safety hazard for motorist and pedestrians. 

  1. Never place a sign/notice on a county sign post
  2. Remove all sign/notices in a timely manner
  3. Signs/notices placed on private property requires owner permission