What is an order for protection?
This is a civil order that is available to victims of domestic violence who have been assaulted, stalked, threatened and/or who are fearful of imminent physical harm, bodily injury, or assault by a family or household member. This order is obtained by the victim by filing a petition at Jefferson County District Court. There is no cost in obtaining this order. You may be asked questions by the staff member assisting you to determine whether or not the matter needs to be filed alternatively in Superior Court.

The order for protection generally is granted for one year. However, it can be issued for longer than 1 year under certain circumstances. A victim may request that an order be renewed before it expires. At any time prior to the expiration date, the petitioner may make a request to the court to modify or terminate the order.

The order prohibits contact by the respondent, restrains the respondent from committing further acts of violence, excludes the respondent from the petitioner's residence, school, or workplace, etc. The respondent may be arrested or issued a citation for violation of this order.

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